Terms & Conditions


Customer must pay the ENTIRE BALANCE before delivery is scheduled. It will be scheduled after the last payment is made. The order will NOT leave the manufacturing site until it is completely paid off. 

The customer has the option to be home on the delivery day or not. If they choose to not be, then they must look at the final progress photos sent to them and agree, in writing, that everything in their order is correct. If there is anything wrong, the customer must bring it to our attention before delivery. 

If the customer chooses to be home for delivery, we are not responsible for any days of work they choose to miss.

A delivery date/time is only an estimate and may be subject to change, as uncontrollable circumstances may arise. We will use reasonable efforts to deliver to the customer by the estimated delivery date. We ask the customer to be available at home all day or, if they decide to not be home, to have have things prepared all day to ensure a smooth delivery (such as unlocked gates, dogs put away, clean area, etc.)

If the customer is home, we will not unload the order until the customer signs and agrees that all item(s) on the truck is correct and inspected.  Please make sure that the items being delivered are correct.

Delivery does not  include crane use. Crane service will be at the customer’s expense. We will try to help the customer avoid having to use a crane, however, if it is determined that a crane is needed, we will schedule it according to the project’s needs. (We are not affiliated with any crane companies. We are not responsible for any miscommunication, pricing, measurements, and/or any other business associated with the crane company. If the customer does not want to use the crane company we recommend and the customer’s company of choice is not able to do the job properly, we will charge an $800 fee to return it to our yard and schedule a new delivery. We are NOT responsible for ANY of the crane company’s fees.)

The customer must clear all walkways necessary for delivery. If any of our delivery guys have to move things out of the way for any reason, there will be a fair estimated charge. 

If for some reason, the delivery has to be rescheduled, after the guys have loaded and arrived, there will be a 2nd delivery charge added for wasted time and effort (anywhere between $450 – $750, up to our discretion, unless stated otherwise on the contract).

If customer says their backyard is ready for delivery but it’s not, there will be an extra charge (such as things in the walkway, pet feces in the way, etc). This fee will be up to our discretion based on the conditions.

The entire order must be paid in full if a customer will be out of town on day of delivery.

If we do make an exception for a customer to pay their remaining balance on the day of delivery and they end up not being home and unable to pay, the delivery crew will return the islands to our shop and there will be a 2nd delivery charge added for having to come back another day. Daily storage fees of $25 will also commence.


– Building will not start until the first payment is completely paid (35% of order total).

Preferred method of payment is through Zelle at 951-576-8022 under the company’s name “BBQ Islands andDesigns INC”. Payments can also be made via check, cash, debit , or credit card. (**all credit card charges are subject to a a 3.5% fee.)

**Important note: If last payment is made by check or credit card, your order will not be delivered until everything is cleared and the funds are released.

If a customer gives us a hard time about making their payments and we have to drive to them to pick up their money, there will be a $300 fee added.

If customer doesn’t pay in full within 6 months, there will be a 10% increase of their total. 

Payment schedule is as follows:

35% due upon acceptance

35% due when the project is half way built (frame & board)

15% due at the end of porcelain-tiling

15% due at the end of build 


We may respond to you at any point in time if we get the chance, however, our usual business hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

–   Please contact our office phone (951)-576-8022 for any changes in your project, repair needs, or anything else.


Each customer will be sent 3 updates throughout the build process. The updates will include current photo(s) of the order and a next payment reminder. 

One update will be given after the frame and board step is complete

One update will be given after tiling is complete.

One update will be given after the build is finished (THEN delivery is scheduled).



If payment is not made within 3 days of any payment reminder, your project will be placed on hold, the estimated delivery date will be pushed back, and there will be a storage fee of $25 daily. Even if the order is finished and ready to be delivered, the final payment must be paid prior to delivery within 3 days to avoid storage fees.


Any changes requested after the customer has signed and approved their project is subject to a $100 service charge every time the contract is changed (in addition to the change of price in materials and labor). If the customer changes the design completely and it has to be re-drawn from scratch, there will be a $250 charge. Changes may cause a delay in delivery. Changes requested must be communicated in writing via email or text. If an employee of BBQ Islands & Designs has to go to the customers house for changes after the customers signature is on the contract, there will be a $300 service fee added (in addition to the cost of the change and change fee).


-Damages that happened during the delivery process will be repaired by BBQ Islands & Designs. These damages must be brought to our attention on the day of delivery. We are NOT responsible for broken or fallen tiles after the order has been delivered. 

-Purchased items are made of materials that might contract or expand, depending on the weather conditions. These repairs will be referred to a third-party company in which BBQ Islands & Designs is not affiliated with nor responsible for. The customer is responsible for keeping their contract to provide tile names and stucco color to said third party company. If a third party company is not able to service the repairs, the customer is responsible for finding their own repair company. 


-Kegerators require special installation. Because of this, if the customer doesn’t buy the kegerator from our company and they use their own, there will be a $60 charge added to the contract so the cutout can be made. The kegerator installation is free if the customer buys the kegerator from us.

-We DO NOT hook-up kegs. Kegs may come with empty CO2 tanks that need to be filled by the customer. CO2 is NOT provided by us.                   


Palapas are made of real, natural material. Because of this, palapas are not guaranteed by warranty. Palapas are not 100% waterproof, unless purchased and stated on the contract. BBQ Islands & Designs is NOT responsible for any wear and tear damage, leaks, or repairs as a result of ANY type of weather. All palapas come standard: no stain, rope, or lights, unless purchased and written in the contract. Wood may split due to natural occurrences. 


A stucco book will be mailed to you once the first payment is made. There will be a $30 fee if this is not returned. It can easily be returned by giving it to one of the employees during delivery.


– Customer has the right to cancel within 3 days after the contract has been made. 

– All customers that sign a contract receive a blue print of their project. The value of said blueprint is $500. If the customer cancels within the 3-day window, they will be refunded everything but $500.

Customer must ask us for our cancellation form, sign it, and send it to us within the first 72 hours after signing the contract. They will then receive a refund, minus the $500 fee, within 10 days after the contract was created. 

-Any refunds given from a credit card payment will not include the 3.5% credit card processing fee


All of our orders are custom made, therefore, cancellations made after the 3-day grace period will result in loss of ALL money paid to Backyard BBQ Islands & Designs. No other refunds or exceptions will be given.


-There’s a 12-month limited warranty on structures built by Backyard BBQ Islands & Designs. “Structure” refers to the galvanized metal stud, HardieBacker cement board, stucco, tile, Ameristone, and stone.

-Please refer to the user manual left inside the grill for Blaze Grills’ or Lion Premium Grills’ limited warranty on their accessories and appliances.


BBQ Islands & Designs is NOT responsible for any injuries that customers/users experience while enjoying their product(s).


 A breech of contract will result in non-refundable fees, including any amount paid.

Customer will not withhold any funds. If funds are withheld for any reason, BBQ Islands & Designs has the right to sue, send the contract to collections, place a lien, and/or hold off on any repairs needed until payment is received. 

Returned checks and/or credit card payments for ANY reason will be subject to a $150 return fee.

If there is any sort of dispute or returned check, there may be a delay in the projected completion date. It may even start the lead time all over.

By signing the contract, customer agrees to all details stated in their contract, such as accessories & appliances, measurements, any changes made, etc.

If the customer decides to take us to court for any dispute and they lose, they must pay our attorney fees as well as administrative fee of $500. 

Customer waives the right to dispute a credit card payment.


If BBQ Islands and Designs falls behind the estimated delivery schedule, the customer must still follow the payment plan specified in the contract, as the payment plan is based on completion of build stages.

Customer agrees to us opening their boxes for their appliances and accessories. 

      – Customers agrees to disposing of the boxes of their accessories when their order is delivered. 

All BBQ Islands & Designs products are built on leveled concrete. We recommend having leveled concrete prior to your delivery date. We are NOT responsible for unleveled concrete at a customer’s house that results in unstable product(s). We can add a trim to the bottom of the product(s) to help with this issue, BUT it will be at the customer’s expense, depending on the size of the project. We are also not responsible for the house walls being unleveled, creating a possible gap.

In case of a supplier running out of appliances and/or accessories, the customer agrees to wait for the item(s) to be in stock. If its not in stock by time of delivery, they’ll get everything else from their order on time and will receive the late item(s) in the mail for them to install themselves OR we can hold onto their order until everything is available. 

-We don’t pick up materials for each project until it comes up on our build schedule. It is possible for a customers tile or stone selection to be out of stock/discontinued by the time their project is due for tiling. If this happens, they must pick a new tile or stone.

 We DO NOT hookup ANY utilities, such as water, propane, or electrical lines due to liability.

We do not provide fire glass or the protective clear wind guard.

The customer must decide what size their tv will be for their tv space. If they end up getting a different size and dont tell us before we start the build, the tv may not fit, and will require us to re-build the space, for an extra charge to be determined at that time. 

We do not mount customers’ TVs. 

We do not provide sealant for any grout lines. 

BBQ Islands & Designs has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, such as use of profanity/threatening language.

The customer’s $500 deposit locks in the price on the contract they created that day. If they later add or remove anything, the price may change.

If the customer gets pre-approved for financing, their deposit will be a minimum of $1,000 up front and then finance the rest. 

Renderings are presented to customers in person or over FaceTime/zoom. They do not have the right to screenshot or take a picture of the rendering, unless they make their $500 deposit. The rendering is also available for sale if they decide to build it themselves or have someone else do it. Proper placement of the utilities is an additional $500.

If the customer chooses a tile, stucco color, and/or stone without seeing it in person first, they will be responsible if they end up not liking it or it doesn’t look the way they expected. 

Bullnose tile is a special kind of tile and does cost extra. We don’t automatically use bullnose tile so the customer must bring this desire to our attention before we start tiling their project. 

BBQ Islands & Designs is not affiliated with any of the contact referrals given to customers. We are NOT responsible for any mistakes made, price changes, etc. We will not give any credits, refunds, etc. in these cases.

If the customer decides to use any of their own appliances and doesn’t give us the dimensions or model number in time or gives us the incorrect specs, we will use the specs from ours. The customer will have the option to buy it from us or if they still want to use their own, they must pay an extra charge for us to change the cutout.

If the customer provides their own stone or tile:  we will refund up to $5 per sqft. for tile, $9 per sqft. for stone, and $12 for mosaic tile. (Only if they were charged for these on the contract). The difference is non-transferable to any other.

Porcelain tile comes with unfinished edges. We may paint them for aesthetic purposes but it would be as a courtesy. We are not responsible if the paint eventually wears off. The customer would have to get it retouched themself.

Anything given for free will be written in the contract.

If we missed something and didn’t have it in writing or in the total price, customer still must pay for it. It’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure that everything in the contract is accurate. Once we’ve left their house, we’re going to go by whatever the signed contract says. 

Patio covers are installed after the bbq island. We I’ll let customer know when we have an update for installation day.